Mistake #1. Thinking B2B buyers don’t want to order online.

While some B2B buyers still prefer face-to-face interactions
with salespeople, most of today’s B2B customers want
to buy online. This is true for all types of B2B buyers,
but especially for millennials who have never known a
world without the internet.

Now that they’re entering management positions with purchasing power and perform half of all B2B research, millennials expect to be able to buy products from businesses online—just as they do in their personal lives.

Seventy-two percent of B2B customers prefer the
convenience of online purchasing. They value having selfservice access to accounts and orders, controlling the entire
buying process, and having 24×7 access to information.

While more complex orders may still require some
interaction with knowledgeable salespeople, ecommerce is
the sales channel most B2B buyers want to use to research,
purchase, reorder, and even get assistance.

As more and more customers continue to shift their buying behaviors online, B2B ecommerce has become essential for increasing sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.