So you have an idea for a product and hunch is all you have to go on to develop it and make it a big success.  Before you move on your hunch, judgement call, or incomplete information, ask one simple question.

“What do people need?”

In fact, if you don’t ask that that question it could end up costing you time, resources, and heartache.  How about using some research at the beginning of the strategy phase to gather some real data to understand if your idea has legs to stand on.

Well, a great research method to use in answering “What do people need?” is experience sampling.  Experience sampling is a strategic research technique that answers a high-level business question instead of evaluating a product that already exists.  It’s core purpose is to uncover unmet needs that will assist you in generating ideas for new products and validating your own idea or even shape the original idea into something else where there is demand.

To get started with experience sampling, check out some of the resources below for definition and methods.  Happy data gathering for your new idea and good luck!