Great Question and there are a lot of reasons that indicate it may be time for a redesign, but for evidence, data provides the answer!

Log in to your analytics tools and find it!  If you don’t have analytics such as Google Analytics setup on your site or application, then that is the first step to answering this question.

So, what are the analytic “its” we are looking for to determine if we need to redesign?  Another great question and  we have provided a few items below for you to look at in helping you make that decision.

  • Speed of site load – If the site is slow to load consistently over time……then folks are not going to hang around very long.
  • High Bounce rate
  • A gradual decline in website traffic
  • Your site becomes so cluttered with features and other crap that the objective is no longer obvious to site visitors.  Especially if its your own employees 🙁
  • The site was designed with desktop browsers in mind but not multiple devices such as tablets and smart phones.

We hope this helps move that discussion along for you and really think through what your next steps should be.

As always, if you have questions we are happy to answer.  [button size=”medium” link=”” linking=”default”]Just Contact Us[/button]