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Some Words About Us

Mark is a great team lead, project leader, project manager or manager with excellent communication skills. I worked with Mark heavily at Morehead State University through the Office of Distance Education while Mark helped establish the online learning experiece at the College of Business. I continue to work with Mark to this day in many roles and he is always the professional and trusted colleague.

Michael Muncy, PMP - CIO

Mark is one of those people who everyone needs on their team. He’s a pleasure to work with and an all-around great guy. He carefully listens to clients and teammates, dissects and distills information brilliantly, and delivers high quality deliverables. He puts everyone at ease with his logical and well thought out approach to any problem. His professionalism is top notch, and I would hire him in a heart beat.

Stephanie Fishel-Brown, Ph.D.

Analytics Google, what?

By | March 29th, 2014|

Here we are at the end of the first quarter of 2014 and can you believe that there are still organizations and businesses out there that have web sites, but have not implemented any type [...]

Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen, and Glenn Beck?

By | February 25th, 2014|

So, what does Eric Schmidt (Google’s Executive Chairman) and Jared Cohen (Google's Director of Ideas) have in common?  Well, they all three do really well for themselves when it comes to pioneering their expertise via [...]

Do I need to Redesign My Web Site?

By | February 6th, 2014|

Great Question and there are a lot of reasons that indicate it may be time for a redesign, but for evidence, data provides the answer! Log in to your analytics tools and find it!  If [...]

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Our Proven Process Produces Results


We team up with you for an initial chat to discover your projects needs.


During planning, we collaborate with you on building the project framework that meets your business goals and objectives.


After your approval, we execute the plan and keep you informed at every step of the way of the project’s progress and the need of collaboration at important times that require strategic decisions from you.


During product development, we not only conduct development quality assurance, but we also conduct User Experience testing during each phase of the project.  By conducting UX research and analysis during the design and development phases we are helping you reduce the likelihood of having to  spend more money on redesign and development after your application has launched.


We deliver your UX project and applications in a closing debrief with your team in a conversational format.  No flying unicorns, no beer parties, or company swag involved.  Just straight up – honest and humble conversations about your project.  Why would we want to pay for that other stuff any way?  🙂

User Experience and Presence Management Experts

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination