Your POS system is the lifeline of your operations. But choosing a POS system can quickly become overwhelming. So we do the leg work for you to help you find the right POS system for your business.

The best POS system must meet your business goals and objectives.  Additionally, is affordable, easy to use, and should also do more than just accept payments and process sales. It should come with additional time-saving features such as inventory management, staff management, marketing tools, customer data gathering, task automation and other capabilities that make it easier to run and grow your business.

Server-based POS systems, or local-database systems, store data on a local server. These systems run on a closed internal network and can be configured for multiple locations.

Server-based POS Advantages:

  • One-time purchase price
  • Does not require a high-speed internet connection- great for businesses in rural areas.
  • In-house managed security
  • Onsite data backup

Cloud-based is a type of POS system that stores its data on a remote cloud service. This means that everything from security to data storage will be updated and saved daily through a cloud based server.

Cloud-based disadvantages:

  • Requires a reliable internet connection
  • Monthly subscription fee often required
  • Limited offline functions
  • Dependence on service for maintaining data security

Don’t let your company fall behind the competition. Many small businesses are beginning to learn quickly that switching from traditional sales technology to point-of-sale, or POS software, is one of the smartest moves one can make. You can use the software to track your sales, inventory and customer information. Not only are these features available, but you are able to secure your own data. Software installed on a closed network provides that opportunity.