Turnkey platform helps you sell more online

The doors of opportunity have swung open to enable hemp and CBD merchants to sell their products online.
BigCommerce saw this day coming and has been making ready to help you grow your business with our
powerful platform, trusted payment solutions, and native shipping.


Unlike other hemp and CBD-friendly platforms, we’ll host your store and provide full access to our suite of tools to
help you optimize your site, improve conversion rates and sell more.  Without requiring workarounds or penalties, BigCommerce is uniquely positioned to offer hemp and CBD merchants a group of features to enable you to step on the ecommerce playing field and operate your business unhindered. We have everything you need to be successful.
  • Store Design and Hosting
    We make it easier for your brand to be seen, be heard, and get noticed. You can use BC’s powerful store design, hosting, SEO, and mobile-friendliness to amplify and market your business online.
  • Payment options for merchants of all sizes
    BigCommerce offers several payment options for CBD merchants looking for a solution. And, there are no additional fees for selecting your own payment gateway. You can choose between multiple U.S.-based providers of merchant services without incurring penalties, higher fees or account reserves.
  • Shipping
    You’ll find that individual shipping carriers have their own policies regarding CBD friendliness. However, BC Shipping, our native shipping solution, is category agnostic and friendly to hemp and CBD merchants.
  • Agency Relationships
    As a certified BigCommerce experts we can help you design, build, and launch your store.
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